Phi Beta Kappa Writing Internships Available (paid)

Phi Beta Kappa Writing Internships Available

The national office of The Phi Beta Kappa Society is seeking writing interns to help publicize the work of the Society and write stories about our alumni members. Applicants must be new members of Phi Beta Kappa within their first or second year to be considered for this position. Each intern receives a $1,000 stipend, and five publishable articles are required. Applications for this round of internships are due by June 5. We invite you to apply for this opportunity, especially opportune right now since you  work from wherever you are, not from from Washington, DC. Please contact us for a reference if you are asked ton provide one from your chapter, at

Nick Dias, elected to Phi Beta Kappa at UC Davis in 2015, became a writing intern later that year. See one of his published articles in the PBK Key reporter: Sociocultural Factors Restrict Gender Equality in Doctorate Recipients, posted 10/2/2015