Members in Residence

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First Name Last Name Department Position
Charlotte Acharya Genome Center, DNA Technologies Staff Research Associate
Linda Acredolo Psychology Professor Emeritus
Omar Ahmed UCDHS, Pediatrics Assistant Clinical Professor
Emily Albu Classics Professor
Kristen Alldredge Vet Med, Population Health and Reproduction Veterinary Medicine Student
Jaime Allen Center for Student Involvement Student Activities Coordinator
Robin Altman UCDHS, Internal Medicine Postdoctoral Scholar
Ezra Amsterdam UCDHS, Internal Medicine Distinguished Professor of Medicine
Johnathon Anderson Genetics Ph.D. Student 
Jacob (Smith) Applesmith Office of the Campus Counsel Campus Counsel
Diana Aramburu Spanish and Portuguese Assistant Professor
Paul Aronowitz UCDHS, Internal Medicine Clinical Professor
Curtis Atkinsson Anthropology Graduate Student
Matthew P. Augustine Chemistry Professor
Jennifer Balachowski Plant Sciences Ph.D. Candidate
Alan L. Balch Chemistry Professor
Marylynn Barkley Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior Professor Emeritus
David W. Barnette Mathematics Professor Emeritus
Christopher O. Bayne UCDHS, Orthopaedic Surgery Assistant Professor
Jay Belsky Human Ecology Professor
Donald C. Benson Mathematics Professor Emeritus
Will Benware Linguistics Professor Emeritus
Patricia J. Berger Animal Science Professor
Robert Bettinger Anthropology Professor
Derek Blahut Biological Sciences Student
Robert Blake Spanish Professor
Edward Bloomberg French Professor Emeritus
Cameron M.  Blount UCDHS, Eye Center Ph.D. Candidate
John Boe English Lecturer, Emeritus
Gayle F. BonDurant Design Collection Manager, retired
Bruce Bonner Plant Biology Professor Emeritus
Jason Borucki UC Davis Extension Center for Human Services Senior Editor, Northern California Training Academy
Jennifer Brazeal Ecology Ph.D. Candidate
Richard E. Breedon Physics Research Physicist
David Brody History Professor Emeritus
Lisa Brown Environmental Horticulture Advising Associate
Alyssa Browning UCDHS, Cardiovascular Medicine Associate Physician
Robert J. Buck Mathematics Professor Emeritus
Rita Bunch UC Davis Extension Assistant Dean
Kevin J. Burnham UCDHS, Internal Medicine and Sports Medicine Clinic Director
Max Byrd English Professor Emeritus
Ian W. Campbell History Assistant Professor
Steven Carlip Physics Professor
Lisa Taylor Carlock School of Law Graduate Employment Specialist
Kathryn (Wilson) Carlsen UCDHS, Pediatrics MD, Volunteer Clinical Faculty
Anna G.  Carlson UCDHS, Pediatrics Resident
Sheryl L. Catz Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing Professor and Chair of Faculty
G. Donald Chakerian Mathematics Professor Emeritus
Caroline Chantry UCDHS, Pediatrics Clinical Professor
B. Barry Chehrazi UCDHS, Neurological Surgery MD, Volunteer Clinical Faculty
Shirley Chiang Physics Professor
John N. Churchill Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Emeritus
James S. Clegg Molecular and Cellular Biology Professor Emeritus
Peter K. Cline History Professor Emeritus
Craig R. Compton School of Law Assistant Dean
Anne M. Cooley Mathematics Professor Emeritus
Kari M. Cooper Earth and Planetary Sciences Associate Professor
Mary Corrigan Microbiology  Graduate Student
Edmond Costantini Political Science Professor Emeritus
Paul Craig Applied Science Professor Emeritus
Stephen P. Cramer Chemistry Professor
Margaret Chatham Crofoot Anthropology Assistant Professor
K. Wayne Current Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Emeritus
Alison Curtis UC Davis Study Abroad Center Student (elected as Junior)
Marc Dall'Era UCDHS, Urology Associate Professor and Vice Chair
Jeremy DeMartini UCDHS, Internal Medicine and Psychiatry Resident Physician
Pamela Demory University Writing Program Lecturer
Charlie Dharmasukrit Molecular and Cell Biology Clinical Nurse
James Diedrich Mathematics Professor Emeritus
Connelly Doan Sociology Graduate Student
Jonathan Ducore UCDHS, Hematology / Oncology Professor
Elizabeth J. Dudley Undergraduate Education and Advising Academic Counselor
Harrison Dunning School of Law Professor Emeritus
Wetona Eidson-Ton UCDHS, Family and Community Medicine Associate Professor
Alan Elms Psychology Professor Emeritus
Carol Erickson Molecular and Cellular Biology Distinguished Professor
David Fahy East Asian Languages and Cultures Lecturer Emeritus
Bob Faris Sociology Associate Professor
Ethan Feilich Economics Graduate Student
Alan P. Fenech Statistics Professor Emeritus
Margaret Ferguson English Professor
William H. Fink Chemistry Professor Emeritus
Gail Finney Comparative Literature Professor Emeritus
Ryan Matthew Finnigan Sociology Assistant Professor
Neal Fleming UCDHS, Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine Clinical Professor
Patricia Flynn Office of the University Registrar Associate Registrar, Operations
Glenn Fortini  Student Health and Wellness Center Physician on Staff
Jeol I. Friedman Philosophy Professor Emeritus
J. David Furlow Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior Associate Dean, Undergrad Education; Director, University Honors Program; Professor NPB
Jan Garrison Craft Center Coordinator, retired
Afton Geil Electrical and Computer Engineering Ph.D. Student
M. Eric Gershwin UCDHS, Rheumatology, Allergy and Clinical Immunology Distinguished Professor of Medicine
Claire  Goldstein French & Italian Associate Professor
Rachael Goodhue Agricultural and Resource Economics Professor and Vice Chair, Davis Division of the Academic Senate
Laura Goodman UCDHS, Department of General Surgery Resident Physician
Fredric Gorin UCDHS, Neurology Professor Emeritus
Beth Graham Animal Biology Ph.D. Student
Liza Grandia Native American Studies Associate Professor
John A. Gray UCDHS, Neurology Assistant Professor
Alexander J. Groth Political Science Professor Emeritus
Clare Gupta UC Cooperative Extension Assistant Public Policy Specialist
W. Eric Gustafson Economics Senior Lecturer, Emeritus
Nancy S. Hafer UC Extension Academic Coordinator
Kari Hagen Microbiology Postdoc
Lance Halsted Electrical and Computer Engineering Senior Development Engineer
L. Jay Helms Economics Professor Emeritus
Leonard R. Herrmann Civil Engineering Professor Emeritus
John Hershey Biological Chemistry Professor Emeritus
Ralph Hexter UC Davis Administration; Classics  Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor; Distinguished Professor of Classics & Comparative Literature
Stuart Hill Political Science Lecturer, SOE
D. Kern Holoman Music  
Janet Horsager Agricultural and Resource Economics Ph.D. Student
Barbara A. Horwitz Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior Distinguished Professor
Fred Howes Mathematics Professor Emeritus
Hsuan Hsu English  Professor
Paul Hurst Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor
Lorraine J. Hwang Earth and Planetary Sciences Associate Director
Michele M. Igo Microbiology Professor
William Jackson Chemistry Professor Emeritus
Clyde Jacobs Political Science Professor Emeritus
Naomi Janowitz Religious Studies Professor
Robin Whitney Jenson Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing Doctoral student
Alessa Johns English Associate Professor
Bruce Johnson Chemistry Graduate Student
Joyce Kallgren Political Science Professor Emeritus
Jenny Kaminer Russian Assistant Professor
Hiromitsu Kaneda Economics Professor Emeritus
Richard Karban Entomology Professor
George Kaysen Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine Professor Emeritus
Linda Kennedy Government Documents, Library Non-Senate Academic, Emeritus
Joe Kiskis Physics Professor Emeritus
Sharon Campbell Knox Office of Undergraduate Education Director of Communications
Karl Kocher Systems Dept., Library Non-Senate Academic, Emeritus
Tiffany Noel Kocis Land, Air and Water Resources Graduate Student
Kurt Kreith Mathematics Professor Emeritus
Anna K. Kuhn Women's Studies Professor Emeritus
John M. Labavitch Pomology Professor
Kristin Lagattuta Psychology Professor
Gerd N. LaMar Chemistry Professor Emeritus
Janet Lane Linguistics Lecturer
Ellen Lange Linguistics Lecturer Emerita
Carlton Larson School of Law Professor
Katie Leasure Wildlife Health Center HR/Payroll/Financial Assistant
Peter Lee School of Law Professor
Michael J. Leibowitz Medical Microbiology & Immunology Professor 
Mary Jacena S. Leigh UCDHS, Pediatrics Associate Physician Diplomate
Tyler A. Lesh Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Assistant Project Scientist
Richard Levin English Professor
Elizabeth Towner Levine UCD Conference Center Manager, Donor Relations Communications
Beth Levy Music Associate Professor
Philippe Levy UCDHS, School of Medicine Medical Student
Andrew Liman UCDHS, School of Medicine Medical Student
Cynthia Lin Agricultural and Resource Economics Associate Professor
Peter Lindert Economics Distinguished Professor
Lori Llewelyn UCDHS, Pediatrics Community Health Program Manager
Kari Lokke Comparative Literature Professor Emeritus
Milinda Lommer Surgical and Radiological Sciences Assistant Clinical Professor
Michael Lorenzen Intercollegiate Athletics Senior Associate Athletic Director
Jay Lund Civil Engineering Professor
Georgia Macy School of Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine Student
Sarah Mangum Budget and Institutional Analysis Assistant Vice Chancellor - Budget Director
Susan Mann History Professor Emeritus
Andrew Margenot Land, Air, and Water Resources Teaching Assistant
Denise Kaira Marquez UC Extension Student
Philip Martin Agricultural and Resource Economics Professor Emeritus
Karen Matsukuma Pathology and Lab Medicine Assistant Professor
George J. Mattey II Philosophy Senior Lecturer
Katherine F. Mawdsley Shields Library Associate University Librarian, Emerita
Robert May Philosophy Distinguished Professor
Douglas McColm Physics Senior Lecturer, Emeritus
Andrea S. Mcduffie Laboratory on Language Development Speech Pathologist
Georgia Z. Mcglynn UCDHS, Quality and Safety Dept. Administrative Nurse
Henry M. McHenry Anthropology Professor Emeritus
Julie M. Meadows Veterinary Medicine and Epidemiology Associate HSC Professor
Claude Meares Chemistry Professor
Jay Mechling American Studies Professor Emeritus
Barbara Metcalf History Professor Emeritus
Meghan Miller Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Postdoctoral Fellow
Douglas Minnis Graduate Division Senior Lecturer, Emeritus
Saba Mohtasham Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art Visitor Services Manager
Pat Mokhtarian Civil Engineering Professor Emeritus
Mithu Molla UCDHS, Internal Medicine Associate Clinical Professor
Bryn E. Mumma UCDHS, Emergency Medicine Assistant Professor
Brian Murphy Pathology, Microbiology, and Immunology Associate Professor
Sarah Nelson Human Development Graduate Student
Robert P. Newcomb Spanish and Portuguese Professor
Judith Newton Women's Studies Professor Emeritus
Miroslav Nincic Political Science Professor
Jodi Nunnari Molecular and Cellular Biology Professor and Chair
David O'Donnell Plant Sciences Graduate Student
Kathleen O'Kelly UCDHS, Health Sciences Advancement Development Analyst
Sheila O'Rourke Vice Provost's office Associate Campus Counsel, Special Advisor to the Vice Provost
Karen O’Donnell UCDHS, Institute for Regenerative Cures Community Health Program Supervisor
Beth Ober Applied Behaviorial Sciences Professor
Neal J. Oliver Chemistry Graduate Student
Kathy Olmsted History Professor and Chair
Karen L. Olson Admin IT- ESS, FOA Business Systems Analyst
Marijane Osborn English Professor Emeritus
Andrew Otsuki Chemistry Graduate Student
Jessie Ann Owens Music Professor
Sally Ozonoff UCDHS, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Professor, Vice Chair for Research
Roland Palvolgyi UCDHS, Urology Resident Physician
W. Hearne Pardee Art and Art History Professor
Amanda Parker Physics Graduate Student
Ryan Phillips Neuroscience Graduate Student
David Pleasure UCDHS, Neurology Distinguished Professor
Donald Price History Professor Emeritus
Zachary Psick Sociology Graduate Student
Eric Rauchway History Professor
Chris Reynolds Music Professor
Peter J. Richerson Environmental Science & Policy Professor Emeritus
David A. Robertson English Professor Emeritus
Christian Rockwood Development and Alumni Relations Senior Financial Analyst/Accountant
Sarah Roeske Geology Researcher
Christina R. Romo UCDHS, Office of Clinical Research Senior Clinical Research Coordinator
Jay Rosenheim Entomology Professor
Jon Rossini Theatre and Dance Chair, Associate Professor
John R. Roth Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Distinguished Professor
Margaret Rucker Consumer Sciences Professor Emeritus
John B. Rundle Physics and Geology Distinguished Professor
Ann D. Russell Earth and Planetary Sciences Associate Research Scientist
Michael Saler History Professor
Richard Scalettar Physics Professor
Seth Schein Comparative Literature Professor Emeritus
Marc B. Schenker UCDHS, Public Health Sciences Professor
Marian Schlotterbeck History Assistant Professor
Neil E. Schore Chemistry Professor
Cindy Schorzman Student Health and Counseling Services Physician
Richard W. Schwab History Professor Emeritus
Carey Seal Classics Associate Professor, Director
Nicole Seemungal Social Sciences Orange Cluster Student Affairs Officer - Supervisor
Steven Sheffrin Economics Professor Emeritus
T.Y. Shen Economics Professor Emeritus
Adam Siegel Shields Library, Reference Assistant Librarian
Joseph Silva School of Medicine Dean Emeritus
Dean Simonton Psychology Professor Emeritus
Mike Sintetos Institute of Transportation Studies Policy Director
Christina (Kuenneth) Slee UC Davis Medical Center Director, Quality and Safety
Michael Smith American Studies Lecturer, Emeritus
Joanna Solins Plant Sciences Ph.D. Student 
S. H. Sosnick Agricultural Economics Professor Emeritus
Brian Soucek School of Law Acting Professor
Jonathan Spatola-Knoll Music Ph.D. Student, musicology
Dan Sperka UC Davis Center for Neuroscience Programmer VI
Howard J. Spero Earth and Planetary Sciences Professor
Sally Springer Chancellor's Office Associate Chancellor, Emeritus
Jay Stachowicz Evolution and Ecology Professor
Judy Stamps Evolution and Ecology Professor Emeritus
Daniel A. Starr Molecular and Cellular Biology Professor
Anna Steel Environmental Science and Policy Postdoctoral Scholar
Michael Sterken UCDHS, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physical Therapist
Jens Stevens Ecology Postdoctoral Scholar
Pieter Stroeve Chemical Engineering Professor Emeritus
Michael Subialka Comparative Literature and Italian Assistant Professor
James H. Swinehart Chemistry Professor Emeritus
Jerrold Tannenbaum Vet Med, Veterinary and Animal Ethics and Law Professor Emeritus
Sandra Taylor UCDHS, Public Health Sciences Senior Statistician
Paul Teller Philosophy Professor Emeritus
Christopher Thaiss University Writing Program Professor Emeritus
Sara M. Thomasy UCDHS, Surgical & Radiological Sciences Associate Professor
Wesley Thompson Classics Professor Emeritus
Caitlin Tierney Linguistics Graduate Student
Jessica Trask Office of Research, IRB Administration Analyst
John Trochet Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology Research Associate 
Jessica Utts Statistics Professor
Cheryl Vance UCDHS, Emergency Medicine Professor; Chief, Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Kenneth L. Verosub Geology Professor Emeritus
Rogelio Villagrana Undergraduate Admissions, EAOP Regional Assistant Director
Stephen A. Vosti Agricultural and Resource Economics Associate Adjunct Professor
Charles F. Walker History Professor
Richard Walters Computer Science Professor Emeritus
Michael Wedin Philosophy Professor Emeritus
Kenneth Wells Plant Biology Professor Emeritus
Kimberly Ryan Wessells Nutrition Assistant Project Scientist
Merline Williams College of Letters and Science Dean's Office Staff, Retired
Janine Wilson Economics Continuing Lecturer 
Michael Winter Humanities/Social Sciences Librarian
David H. Wisner UCDHS, Surgery Professor
Leslie Willis Woods  School of Veterinary Medicine, CAHFS Professor
Theodore Wun UCDHS, Hematology/Oncology  Professor; Associate Dean
Megan Wyman Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology Postdoctoral Scholar
Philip M. Yager Physics Professor Emeritus
Ayako Yasuda Graduate School of Management Professor
John Yates Office of Administration UC Davis Director
Boon-Ling Yeo Plant Sciences Postdoctoral Scholar
Jane Y. Yeun UCDHS, Nephrology, Internal Medicine Professor
Ruth B. York French and Italian Senior Lecturer, Emeritus
Mary D. Young Undergraduate Admissions Events Coordinator
Rena J. Zieve Physics Professor