Registration Procedure

Follow These Steps to Register as a Member

If you have received a letter of invitation to join Phi Beta Kappa, please follow the instructions below. Please register online. In a few weeks, you will receive a message from our chapter secretary with details about the ceremony.

Online Registration
  1. Go to New member registration at the national organization's website.
  2. Enter the password included in the invitation email.
  3. Step 3. Enter your information in all the fields. For member type, please enter “senior” or "junior" according to your status. For chapter, scroll down to “University of California – Davis.” For Degree, use the following degree abbreviations: BA (Bachelor of Arts), BS (Bachelor of Science) or BAS (Bachelor of Arts and Science).
  4. Click “Preview.”
  5. Verify your information, and click “Next.”
  6. On the Membership Dues Payment page, you will need to submit the $85 initiation fee. You may pay online by credit card by clicking “Continue.” If you are not able to pay online or if you need financial assistance, please contact us at Please contact us before the registration deadline in your invitation, as we have limited funds available for student fee waivers.

After you have registered, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from that contains your membership ID and password.

Validating Your Membership

Please note that the Davis chapter must validate your membership in order for you to become an official member of Phi Beta Kappa. Your membership will not be validated until you have submitted the above information and the initiation fee.* Normally the chapter secretary will validate all paid memberships immediately after the initiation ceremony. 

If you have questions or need help with any part of the process, please send us a message at

* The initiation fee is a one-time fee that covers lifetime membership in the local chapter and the national Phi Beta Kappa organization. The fee will be the amount in effect at the time you join.