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Congratulations to our new members

Elected April 1, 2020

UC Davis students elected to Phi Beta Kappa in 2020 represent 57 majors and three colleges. There will not be an initiation ceremony this year but students will be notified about a virtual PBK welcome to take place in May.

Students listed have been notified by email of their election. Please contact us at if you are listed here but did not receive any message, or if your major or name needs correction.

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First Name Middle Last Name Major
Caitlyn Elizabeth Batty Philosophy and Psychology
Victoria Quijano Beck Mathematics
Jaxon Reece Chadsey Cognitive Science
Xinyi   Chang Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Christine Marie Daniels Classical Civilization
Manasa Veena Gogineni International Relations
Sunny Frances Gorba American Studies and History
Geneva Lynn Hale Political Science
Elisabeth Christiaan Henkens Computer Science
Michelle Yoon Ji Hong Design and Psychology
Juezhe   Huang Psychology
Chelsea Ann Jimenez Cinema & Digital Media and Design
Vivian Beata Kellner Chemistry
Shoshana Marvi Khan International Relations and Middle East/South Asia Studies
Jessica   Li Philosophy
Andrew Jerome Linnen Economics
Shani Nicole Martinez Anthropology and Spanish
Nadiah   Mohammed Design
Briana Louise Oliva Psychology
Alison Marie Rose Perez Design
Sophie Thanh Truc Pham Asian American Studies and Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies
Haley Rose Raizes Cognitive Science and Computer Science
Maria Stephanie Sanchez Psychology
Brendan James Sweeney Political Science-Public Service
Eliana Dunnett Thompson Psychology
Sofia Kathryn Tietze English
Leah Irene Timmerman American Studies and Political Science-Public Service
Madeline Christine Vanderheid-Nye Linguistics and Spanish
Catalina Celine Velasco English and Political Science
Tianjie   Wang Economics
Madison Nicole Wood Psychology
Xinjing Annemarie Xia Cognitive Science
Yihan   Xiong Psychology and Statistics
Madison Jules Yn Design
Lauren Isabel Zaren Political Science-Public Service
Hanzhi   Zhang Applied Mathematics and Economics


First Name Middle Last Name Major
Kavya Gayatri Achyutuni Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Erika Miranda Agbabian Psychology
Uma   Agrawal Biological Sciences
Shayan Mohiuddin Alavynejad Cell Biology
Logan Giovanni Albiani Economics and Political Science
Alejandra Brianna Amparo Managerial Economics and Political Science
Leigh Frances Bagood Communication and Psychology
Lauren Ariel Balino Sociology
Jerice Kent Ramales Banola Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior
Audrey Marie Malit Bantug Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Annalisa Emma Barlin International Relations and Sociology
Radhika   Batra Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior
Alicja Ewa Bednarska Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Shadee   Behbin Economics
Alexis Carolina Bennett Design
Shivani   Bhushan Computer Science
Guneet Singh Bindra Biological Sciences
Isabella Aiko Bloom International Relations and Japanese
Vincent   Boc Computer Science
Brandon Todd Boettcher Cognitive Science
Ariana Lea Boostani Chemistry
Trevor Scott Brandon-Harris Computer Science and Linguistics
Ellie Kay Britton Design
Arisa   Bunanan Art History
Zejia   Cai Managerial Economics and Statistics
Alexandra Giselle Canjura Design
Julia Marie Castro Genetics and Genomics
Cindy Yadira Ceja Communication and Psychology
Rachelle Maletis Cepeda Communication and Design
Eduardo   Chaidez Chicana/o Studies and Spanish
Shubha   Chakravarty Communication
Catherine Diana Charles International Relations and Italian
Hailey Alise Chatterton Psychology
Caleb Kai-Fa Chen Anthropology
Zhijun   Chen Clinical Nutrition and Psychology
Pattie Peichi Chen Design
Luana Kian Chen Political Science-Public Service and Sociology
Melodi Love Chin Communication
Christina Ariel Chin Psychology
Jasmine Vanessa Chou Communication and Design
Ka Hei Michael   Chu Economics and Mathematical Analytics & Operations Research
Valerie Jiangjia Chu Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior
Claire Carisa Chuang Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior
Ashley Michelle Church Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior
Marcus J Stanley Cohen Evolution, Ecology & Biodiversity and History
Rose Faye Cohen-Sandler Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Emma Corinne Connolly Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior
Lorenzo Jean-Claude Ren Contolini Genetics and Genomics
Angeles Nohemi Cruz Arango Chinese and Psychology
Emily Rose Daly Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior
Alexandra   Damian Psychology
Sarah Hajar Darwish Psychology
Julie Ann Daseking Design
Kirsten Magan Daugherty Psychology
Taylor Marie Davis Political Science
Saum   Dehleh Hossein Zadeh Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Paris Lauren Dhillon Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Alexander   Dillabaugh Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior and Spanish
Emma Joann Doty History
William Chang Eng Mathematics and Music
Yasameen   Farahvash Biological Sciences
Claire Elise Fargeix Biological Sciences
Natasha Emily Feuerstein Political Science
Isaac James Flores English and Psychology
Mario Esteban Flores Genetics and Genomics
Elaine Holly Fong Art History and East Asian Studies
Zoe Estelle Fox Economics
Megan Kathleen Frentzel Communication and Design
Justin Joseph Gallupe Economics and Mathematical Analytics & Operations Research
Julian Angel Garcia Political Science-Public Service
Miriam Sumiko Shibata Garfinkel Psychology
Christine Rose Giovannoni Sociology
Andrea Citlalli Gonzalez Design
Eloi   Gonzalez Mathematical & Scientific Computation 
Mariana Guadalupe Gonzalez Psychology and Spanish
Victoria Anthi Gost Design
Jacob P Greenstein Economics and International Relations
Jamie Jing Fei Guan Communication and International Relations
Zhiyuan   Guo Computer Science and Economics
Sabrina George Habchi Political Science and Sociology
Bryan   Heng Biological Sciences and Chinese
Natasha Anne Herle Spanish
Cynthia   Hernandez Communication and Psychology
Brenda Yuliana Hernandez Sociology
Stephanie Takako Hidai Animal Science and Gender, Sexuality & Womens Studies
Hannah Rose Holzer English
Avery James Hom English and History
Aditi   Hosangadi Psychology
Roger Christopher Hsieh Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior
Mengjie   Hu Economics
Zixuan   Huang Environmental Science & Management and Psychology
Cynthia Danielle Huang Genetics and Genomics
Justin Ka Huynh Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior
Danielle Genevieve Iben Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior
Rania Hanna Ibrahim Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Richa Vijay Israni Computer Science
Marissa Renae Jauregui International Relations
Aleasha Marie Jhanjar Psychology
Jeffrey Ding-An Jiang Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Zhuohan   Jiang Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior
Meredith E Johnson Political Science
Emily Rainbow Rose Jones Political Science
Sana S Karimi Sociology
Zhanna   Kravtsova Art Studio and Design
Aravind   Krishnachandran Statistics
Madeline Sara Kumagai Biological Sciences
Emily   Lam Design
Corina Rose Lange Economics and German
Brittany   Lau Biological Sciences
Sage Hana Lauwerys Spanish
Alyssa Hannah Lee Cognitive Science and Design
Amber Schwanchi Lee Computer Science
Eric   Lee Computer Science
Kevin   Lee Computer Science and Genetics & Genomics
Jeanette Sarah Leech Art Studio and Cinema & Digital Media
Julia   Lemak Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior
Irvin Nazar Leshchinsky Computer Science
Tsai-Chin   Li Cognitive Science and Computer Science
Weifang   Li Managerial Economics and Statistics
Hong Kun Li Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Jia Jie   Li Microbiology
Zachary   Lieberman Evolution, Ecology & Biodiversity
Kaitlin Anne Lieberson Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior
Lin   Lin Psychology
Boya   Lin Statistics
Nicole Irene Lindenauer Evolution, Ecology & Biodiversity
Yin Yin   Liu Economics
Zhaotong   Liu Mathematical Analytics & Operations Research
Jason William Livinghouse Computer Science
Emma Grace Loll Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior and Spanish
Shannon Shintian Lu Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Stephanie Dung Ly Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Meital   Machulsky International Relations and Managerial Economics
Nicole Marie Caylene Mackes English
Tony Junhui   Mai Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior
Shivani Rajesh Maisuria Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior and Psychology
Zoe Nicole Escueta Martin Design
Nicole Ayame Matsuda Communication and Sociology
Benjamin Joses Matteoli English and Philosophy
Myles Connor McBride Roach History and Political Science
Brooke N Mcdaniel Design
Natalie Diane McDonald Anthropology and Gender, Sexuality & Womens Studies
Maryann Constance Mcnamara History and International Relations
Sara Kate Mehelic Design
Ian Alexander Menk Political Science
Shannon Marie Meyer Economics and Statistics
Ann Caroline Meyer English
Xiaowei   Min Computer Science
Johanna Paola Miramontes Design
Chiara Mia Bobila Miranda Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior
Anais   Mollard Classical Civilization
Ashwin   Muralidharan Computer Science
Kaleemah Zainab Muttaqi International Relations
James Alan Richard Newbre Economics and Statistics
Rayna Leona Ney Cognitive Science
Rachel Avery Ng Design and Economics
Lily   Nguyen Cognitive Science and Design
Emily Phuong Anh Nguyen Economics and Political Science
Evelyn Ngoc Nguyen Psychology and Sociology
Wei   Ni Economics and Statistics
Shereen   Nikzad History
John Wilfred Nono Economics
Kazuko Brittany Nortman Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Juliana Marie Novaes Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior and Spanish
Layne Joanna Novotny Psychology
Maryjo Santos Nunez International Relations
Lin Let   Nwe International Relations
Julia Katherine Offutt Political Science
Elise Victoria Oliver Political Science
Tina Linda Ozeki Japanese and Sociology
Jhoselyn   Pacheco Cachon Sociology
Anthony Duy Dat Pham Biotechnology
Julia Rose Pierce Art Studio
Alexandria Evelyn Poore Art Studio
Irene   Qin Biological Sciences
Siyi   Qu Biological Sciences
Tania Y. Quintana Gender, Sexuality & Womens Studies and Psychology
Edgar Jose Quintero Native American Studies
Julissa   Ramirez Psychology
Anna Belle Rankin Biological Sciences and English
Aditya Sathyanarayana Rao Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Marianne Rose Rara Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Sophia Nicole Reeder Psychology and Human Development 
Megan Joan Reeve English and Philosophy
Natasha Allegra Risser Computer Science
Hanna Noel Rivera International Relations
Miriam   Rivkin Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior
Phoebe Elizabeth Roberts English and Philosophy
Nia Crichelle Robertson Anthropology and Cinema & Digital Media
Abigail Elizabeth Robertson History
Brian W Roehrich Chemistry
Sean Kenneth Romeo Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior
Ally Mckenna May Russell History and International Relations
Marah Raed Sabbah Philosophy
Yalda Alexandra Saii Sociology
Elizabeth   Sanchez French and International Relations
Patricia I. Sandoval Maysonet Linguistics
Maisie Traile Schulman Communication
Amy Laura Schwanhausser Political Science
Valencia Gabrielle Scott Anthropology and International Relations
Yanqin   Shen Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Raiden Woo Sherk Design
Clementine   Sicard English
Danielle Eden Castro Silva English
Ravishdeep   Singh Computer Science
Rohan Gurmeet Singh English
Karishma Tigadi Sira Biological Sciences
Gavrielle Kinney Sonntag Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Jessica   Soto Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior
Stefania Maria Sozzi English
Sanghavi   Srinivasan Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior
Kelly Marilyn Stangl Economics
Kelsey Carolyn Stewart Classical Civilization
Madelyn O Stone Applied Mathematics and Spanish
William Clifford Storz Music
Kate Christine Sveinson Psychology
Leif Lorin Swift Political Science
Camille Barbara Tenyenhuis Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior
Jordan Makenna Thompson Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior
Daniel Peter Tillman History
Hannah Christine Tilsch German and Political Science
Emma Katharine Tribble Chemistry
Kevin Daniel Truax Biological Sciences
Brianna   Tunggal Economics and Mathematics
Brianna Aliisa Tuomi Psychology
Victoria Jean Turner English
Venkat Tejasvi Uppalapati Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Hernan   Urena-Valdes Design
Tess   van Schoor Biological Sciences and Spanish
Kira Hali Vaughn Cinema & Digital Media
Preetha Sigapie Vellayapan Psychology
Aditi   Venkatesh Cognitive Science
Lara Franziska Vetter Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior
Susan Lee  Vick English
Briana Marie Vielmas Microbiology
Luis Antonion Villagomez English
Jayashri   Viswanathan Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Emma Shelley Voit Sociology
Kevin Kenny Vuong Computer Science and Statistics
Nejma   Wais Biotechnology
Jessica Brooke Walker International Relations
Megan   Wang Computer Science
Xiaotong   Wang Economics and Statistics
Yaxin   Wang Mathematics and Philosophy
Jonah Michael Warschaw Music and Philosophy
Devika Vikram Watave Economics and History
Rachel   Wong Political Science
Wenda   Xu Computer Science
Julie Zhuqian Xu Design and Economics
Qian   Yang Economics and Statistics
Charlene   Yang English
Jingyi   Yang Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Economics
Meiyi   Yao Applied Physics and Classical Civilization
Lingyun   Ye Mathematical Analytics & Operations Research and Statistics
Felicia   Yen Cell Biology
Jiaxin   Yin Economics and Environmental Policy Analysis & Planning 
Jillian Katy Yong International Relations and Theatre & Dance
Sean Michael Young Computer Science
Sydney   Yu Communications and Managerial Economics
Qingyu   Yu Economics and Environmental Science & Management
Daria Pollina Zadorozhnaya Design
Nasim   Zeighami Genetics and Genomics
Chi   Zhang Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Computer Science 
Jiayu   Zhang Economics and Statistics
Jennifer L Zhang Music and Psychology
Hai Yu   Zhao Design and International Relations
Yixuan Jessie Zhao Design and Japanese
Yongshan   Zheng Managerial Economics and Statistics
Ruicong   Zheng Mathematics
Zixu   Zhou Economics and Psychology
Runzi   Zhou Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Chenyao   Zhu Economics and Mathematical Analytics & Operations Research
Chenyanwen   Zhu Neurobiology, Physiology, & Behavior
Arielle Shoshana Zoken Economics