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Congratulations to our new members

Elected April 28, 2021

UC Davis students elected to Phi Beta Kappa in 2021 represent a diverse range of majors housed in four colleges. There will be a virtual initiation ceremony on May 26 for students who wish to attend.

Students listed have been notified by email of their election. Please contact us at if you are listed here but did not receive any message, or if your major or name needs correction.

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First Name Middle Last Name Major
George   Adame English
Ayushi   Ambekar Computer Science
Raquel   Anguiano Psychology
Angela   Aragon Sociology
Jessica Kathleen Argumedo Political Science and Psychology
Isabella   Asuncion Cognitive Science
Alec   Atienza Computer Science
Caroline   Au Cognitive Science
Roni   Ayalon Political Science - Public Service
Julia   Baetz Music
Brooke   Bahn Computer Science
Brooke   Bahn Design
Farrah   Ballou English
Courtney   Banzon Psychology
Yuqing   Bao Communication
Zev Modena Barasch Design
Isaac   Barsky-Ex Psychology
Jella Mae   Batac Psychology
Ilsa   Bauer Art Studio
Virginia Elizabeth Beall Psychology
Noah   Beaumont Psychology
Gabrielle   Bellue English
Sonali   Bhargava Psychology
Sonali   Bhargava Sociology
Macy   Biedenbender Political Science
Marlena   Billings Anthropology
Valeria   Blanco Castaneda Sociology and Spanish
Samantha   Boudaie Cognitive Science
Gavin   Bowen Psychology
Annie Sybil Breger Communication and English
Darya Marlena Buchholz Psychology
Alex   Bui Psychology
Celine   Busnelli International Relations
Enrique   Cabrera Political Science
Madeline   Cacao Psychology
Madeline   Cacao Sociology
Raymond   Cao Computer Science
Raymond   Cao Design
Denise   Cerna Economics and Math Analytics & Operations Research
Simran   Chahal Political Science
Rachel Esther Chancellor International Relations
Jamie   Chang Psychology
Sasha   Chavez English and Theatre & Dance
Sasha   Chavez Theatre & Dance
Austin   Chen Statistics
Boyu   Chen Economics and International Relations
Xinyi   Chen Economics and Statistics
Yuxin   Chen Math Analytics & Operations Research and Statistics
Elizabeth Hannah Cho Philosophy
Claire   Choi Psychology
Ryan Yisrael Cohen Communication
Ariana Liseth Contreras Design
Tyler Anthony Contreras Psychology
Ian Akira Cosner Cinema & Digital Media and Psychology
Michael Nobuaki Cotter Cinema & Digital Media
Aria Dorothy D'Aintree Art Studio
Sofia   De Angelis Borghesi History and International Relations
Katherine Alexander Debenedetti Political Science
Jeremy Michael Jalique Declines Communication
Jaden Aimee Deibo Philosophy
Nareh Ashley Derhartounian American Studies and History
Jacob Raviv Derin English and Philosophy
Chantal   Deslauriers Art History and Communication
Anna Rae Devereaux English and International Relations
Tarun   Devesetti Cognitive Science and Statistics
Jennifer   Diaz Design and Psychology
Sarina Marie Diaz Psychology and Sociology
Zihuan   Ding Computer Science
Katherine Elisabeth Dobson Psychology and Spanish
Thomas   Donovan Psychology
Charles   Dowell Cognitive Science
Charles   Dowell Philosophy
Isaac   Duarte-Villa Computer Science
Lorenzangela Pastorfide Duong Art Studio
Alana Lauren Eng English
Karl Jason Ensberg Chemistry
Liv Kristin Erickson English and Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies
Sandra   Escalera Sociology and Spanish
Sui Fung Derek   Fan Economics
Zara Maheen Fatteh International Relations
Travin   Feramisco English and Psychology
Katelyn Jane Fernandes Psychology
Anne Elise Fey English
Anamar   Flores Cognitive Science
Samantha Keiko Fong Cognitive Science
Zoe Elizabeth Fox Psychology
Zoe Elizabeth Fox Sociology - Organizational Studies
Eden Leah Gabai Undeclared - Humanities
Urvi Sachin Ganorkar Design
Alexandra Rose Garber Cinema & Digital Media
Maxine Tom Garfinkle Psychology
Cecelia A Garofoli International Relations
Jalen Rohit Gautam Economics and Political Science
Jenna Marie Gebhart English
Jenna Marie Gebhart Psychology
Rahul Mathew George Mathematics
Carl Ernest Abdullah Germann Economics
Sidney Marguerite Geyer Linguistics
Nika Anahita Ghassemi Cognitive Science
Jesus   Gonzalez Cruz English
Jesus   Gonzalez Cruz Sociology
Lucia   Gonzalez-Gamez Chicana/O Studies and Psychology
Belinda   Guo Computer Science
Yifan   Guo Psychology
Daniella   Gutierrez Design
Margit Clara Halford Classical Civilization
Morgan Veronica Hall Anthropology
Natasha Lynne Hanna Applied Chemistry
Cate Elizabeth Hatcher Political Science
Frances A Haydock Political Science
Maeve Patricia Heller Psychology
Laura Lin Hinman Computer Science
Raymond Charles Ho Computer Science
Yide   Hu Applied Mathematics
Joanna   Hu Cognitive Science
Joanna   Hu Design
Xiaoxuan   Hu Statistics
Samantha Claire Hum Sociology
Katherine Kai-Dih Hung Cinema & Digital Media and Design
Dhanya   Indraganti Anthropology and History
Lauren Natsumi Izumi Psychology
Aditi Anurag Jain Cognitive Science
Joe   Jauregui Physics
Danielle C Ji Psychology
Miro Jacqueline Joyal Anthropology
Sheila Suzanne June International Relations
Yixun   Kang Economics
Yixun   Kang Statistics
Taimur   Kashif Computer Science
Bhjan   Kaur Psychology
Sonakshi   Khanna Cognitive Science
Divya Mohan Khanna Psychology
Logan Sean Kiester History
Rachel Sunyoung Maile Kim History
Nicole   Kim International Relations
Tabitha Kim Kleiner Psychology
Declan Andrew Kopper Psychology
Quincy   Kumfert Political Science
Reece Mei Yin Kuramoto Cognitive Science
Reece Mei Yin Kuramoto Design
Nikhil   Kurmala Economics
Justina   Lai Design
Megan Sarah Lau Spanish
Jacob Nathan Lauter Political Science
Rachel Clair Layton International Relations
Alyan   Layug Asian American Studies and Psychology
Shirley Emily Lee Cognitive Science
Michelle Hee Jae Lee Communication and Design
Janice Wing Tung Lee Design and Psychology
Chris   Lee Economics
Christina Huiyeon Lee English
Minsoo   Lee History
Caitlin Yuanchi Leong Cognitive Science
Hiu Lam Queenie   Leung Chemistry
Zhuoying   Li Applied Mathematics
Louise   Li Computer Science
Peichen   Li International Relations
Jiaqi   Li Psychology
Peichen   Li Psychology
Louise   Li Statistics
Shayan Ali Liaghat Psychology
Yiyang   Lian Communication
Kimberly H. Y. Liang Design
King Zixuan Lin Mathematical & Scientific Computation 
Giorgia Margaret Lingiardi Anthropology
Tiffany   Liu Art Studio
Yingzhe   Liu Computer Science
Tiffany   Liu Design
Sabine   Lloyd English
Alyse   Lodigiani Cognitive Science
Keely Elizabeth Loh Cognitive Science and French
Stacy   Lopez Sociology
Stacy   Lopez Spanish
Yan Ching Stephanie   Louie Communication and Religious Studies
Mary   Ludlow English
Mary   Ludlow Psychology
Hexin   Luo Communication
Hexin   Luo Psychology
Mia Bernardes Machado Political Science - Public Service
Natalie   Makedonsky Economics
Guadalupe   Manzo Rodriguez Chicana/O Studies
Guadalupe   Manzo Rodriguez Spanish
Brian   Mao Psychology
Rebecca   Martin English
Adaline   Mccaw English
Argelia   Mendoza Linguistics
Zixuan   Mi Statistics
Danielle Christine   Mirano Psychology
Natalie   Montiel History
Natalie   Montiel Psychology
Mikayli   Moore Political Science
Hayley   Morris English
Alexia   Moustakas International Relations
Zachary   Muilenburg History
Riju   Narang Design
Eva   Nemirovsky English
Eva   Nemirovsky Russian
Ronja Tracy Nerb Communication and Psychology
Jake   Newman Design
Aivan   Nguyen Anthropology
Minh-Tu   Nguyen Applied Mathematics
Andy   Nguyen Applied Physics and Computer Science
Christopher   Nguyen Psychology
Harrison   Nguyen Psychology
Mariah Christiana Nibert Political Science and Spanish
Mehek   Nirula Psychology
Hsin-Tzu   Niu Communication
Hsin-Tzu   Niu Psychology
Sanaaz   Nourkhaladj International Relations
Amanda Claire O'Dea Communication and Psychology
Meghna   Okhade Cognitive Science
Tyler   Ottman Computer Science
Hongju   Ouyang Statistics
Mahir   Oza Applied Mathematics
Shaivya   Padia Engineering and Computer Science
Mary Anneleise   Padilla Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies
Mary Anneleise   Padilla International Relations
Luobing   Pan Cinema & Digital Media
Marco Kiefer Parks International Relations and Middle East/South Asia Studies
Erica Emily Payne International Relations
Skye Elise Pejsa International Relations and Japanese
Nicolas   Pence Psychology
Matthew   Perkey Cinema & Digital Media
Matthew   Perkey History
Darya   Petrov Statistics
Jenny   Pham English
Darlene   Phan Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Justin   Phillips Art History
Justin   Phillips Cinema & Digital Media
Megan   Powers English
Julia   Rathjen History
Julia   Rathjen Political Science
Kaitlin Rose Raymond Psychology
Jordan   Ridge English
Jordan   Ridge German
Erika   Rivas Design
Marissa Glorianna Rivera Psychology
Jordan   Roberts Philosophy
Bea   Rondon Cinema & Digital Media
Aleshia   Rose Communication
Noah   Rose Ledesma Computer Science
Rishika   Roy Applied Mathematics
Taylor   Ruth Anthropology
Shabana   Sadid Psychology
Miko   Santos Economics
Miko   Santos Psychology
Malia   Serafin Design
Tianna   Serrato Psychology
Keya   Shah Computer Science
Nivi   Shaham Political Science
Ashneet   Sharma History, Political Science and Psychology
Feier   Shen Design
Yihan   Shi Statistics
Jeamin   Shin Economics
Seungkyo   Shin Sociology
Jeamin   Shin Statistics
Mia   Silva Cognitive Science
Jagroop   Singh Computer Science
Tal   Sisso English
Emma   Smith Design
Samuel   Snelson Sociology
Naomi Celia Solomon Communication
Sujin   Song Statistics
Amal   Sorathia Cognitive Science
Jack   Southard Computer Science
Ileana Angelina Souza Puente Music
Ileana Angelina Souza Puente Psychology
Ding   Sun Economics
Sarah   Sy Cinema & Digital Media and Design
Kaelen   Tabasa Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies
Kaelen   Tabasa Political Science
Noelle Mieko Tagupa Design
Noelle Mieko Tagupa Psychology
Joelle   Tahta Design
Kevin   Tan English
Shiming   Tan Mathematics
Kevin   Tan Psychology
Su-Ting   Tan Statistics
Jeslyn   Tatang International Relations
Megan   Taylor Communication
Megan   Taylor Design
Eli   Teel Cognitive Science
Emily   Thomas English
Emily   Thomas Music
Katherine   Tobiason Psychology
Emily   Tonnos Design
Jeneva   Toolajian Political Science
Husandeep   Toor Applied Mathematics
Husandeep   Toor Economics
Kevin   Tran Economics
Taylor   Tran Political Science
Daniel Sehwa Trowbridge Cinema & Digital Media
Megan   Tsang Communication
Angel   Tseng Psychology
Mikaela   Turner International Relations
Elizabeth   Twomey English
Haley   Vandermey Linguistics
Haley   Vandermey Psychology
Shreyas   Vankayalapati Computer Science
Teresita   Vargas International Relations
Manasi   Vats Computer Science
Adam   Vera Applied Chemistry
Claire   Volkmann English
Samuel   Votrian English
Vincent   Walsh International Relations
Zesheng   Wang Applied Physics
Vivian   Wang Economics
Claudia   Wang Psychology
Nicole   Waring Political Science - Public Service
Kairo   Weber Sociology
Eva   Wei Communication and Design
Diana   Wei Psychology
Diana   Wei Statistics
Katherine Mcternan Weltzien Communication and Psychology
Emily   Wen Computer Science
Emersyn   White Economics
Sheyenne   White Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies
Sheyenne   White Political Science
Addison   Willes English
Nicholas   Withers Computer Science
Liam   Wong Chemistry
Katelyn   Wong Cognitive Science
Katelyn   Wong Design
Calvin Sam Wong History
Liam   Wong Japanese
Calvin   Wong Political Science
Katelyn   Wong Psychology
Annette   Wong-Toi Communication
Annette   Wong-Toi Psychology
Kaixin   Wu Chemical Physics
Yen-Hsuan   Wu Psychology
Sarah   Wu Statistics
Jiakai   Wu Statistics
Wei   Wu Lu Mathematics
Emily   Xiong Computer Science
Ruofan   Xiong Design
Ruofan   Xiong Economics
Emily   Xiong Linguistics
Zhendong   Xu Computer Science
Alani Rashelle Yacovetta Communication and Psychology
Yantong   Ye Communication and Economics
Cameron   Yee Computer Science
Rain   Yekikian English
Laura   Yien Design
Laura   Yien Psychology
Zihan   Yin Statistics
Jacqueline K Yu Communication and Psychology
Hazel   Yu Statistics
Samuel   Zaki Cognitive Science
Wanting   Zeng Computer Science
Winnie   Zhang Applied Mathematics
Ziting   Zhang Psychology
Kuigang   Zhang Statistics
Ziting   Zhang Statistics
Zhenhan   Zhao Applied Mathematics
Jinke   Zhao Computer Science
Yuejun   Zhou Applied Chemistry


First Name Middle  Last Name Major
Jose Pablo Aceves Psychology
Nupoor   Adhikari Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior and Psychology
Hailey Lauren Adler Genetics & Genomics
Dorian Marcella Aguilar Art History and Design
Muzammil   Akhtar Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Suchita   Anigol Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Zainab Hairat Apalara Biological Sciences
Komalpreet Kaur Badial Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Yuxin   Bai Statistics
Abhinav   Banerjee Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Vincent Andre Basas Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Eleanor J Bemis Communication and Design
Nouha   Benjemaa Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Nour   Benjemaa Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Rebecca Leah Bihn-Wallace Art Studio
Hana   Bijli Economics
Devun Singh Birk Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Sophie Mechaune Brubaker Theatre & Dance
Gladys   Castaneda Political Science and Sociology
Lily   Chen Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Aonan   Chen Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Xin   Chen Computer Science
Yu-Shih   Chen Computer Science
Dylan Michael Chicorel English and Political Science
Katherine Anne Chiu Genetics & Genomics
Emma Minna Choi Design
Eric Christopher Coyle Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior and Spanish
Jasmeen   Dadra Psychology
Nguyen Trung Dang Psychology
Christopher David Datu Political Science
Maiya Frances De La Rosa Chicana/O Studies and Political Science
Ismael Alexander Delgadillo Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Eileen Christi Dihardja Psychology
Brandon Joseph Dimapasoc Economics and Sociology-Organizational Studies
Sergio   Dominguez Spanish
Samantha Celine Dong Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Molly Jean Doyle Design
Rachel Zevia Drizin History and Sociology
Sarah Phoebe Edwards Linguistics
Daniel Roberts Erenstein Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Elliot Steven Pierre Falces Cognitive Science
Ziyi   Fan Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Madison R Fazzolare Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Tomer   Fidelman Economics and Psychology
Lauren Pearl Ford Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Adriana Alise Foster Psychology
Matthew Scott Frost Political Science - Public Service and Sociology
Kenna   Fu Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Xiangyu   Gao Genetics & Genomics
Daniela   Garcia Lopez Psychology
Maggie Elizabeth Garzon Trujillo History
Deanna Vitalievna Gasparyan English and Russian
Nicole Hanna Goldberg Psychology
Elisa Mariel Gomez Marroquin Design
Selina   Gong Biological Sciences
Fangqing   Gu Psychology
Julie D Guan Asian American Studies and Political Science-Public Service
Siqi   Guo Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Noor Fadi Halabi International Relations and Linguistics
Galit Sarai Hara-Salzberg Communication and Design
Jada Simone Haynes Art Studio and Design
Maiya Annalisa Hernandez English
Ariel Bautista Hilomen Art Studio and Design
Carly Anne Hines Political Science
Katy Allison Hirschfelt Design
Eric H Ho Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Fionna   Huang Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Miki   Iida Art Studio and Japanese
Ella Marie Jackson Design
Vanessa Nicole Jang Biological Sciences
Jair   Jauregui Torres Art History and Spanish
Jeffrey Ding-An Jiang Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Xiaoluo   Jiao Biological Sciences
Chelsea Ann Jimenez Cinema & Digital Media and Design
Sami Mi Jin Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Psychology
Yicheng   Jin Spanish
Nicole A Johnston Psychology
William Scott Jung Economics and History
Kelly Akemi Kagawa French
Olivia Jane Karson Economics and Political Science
Akshaya   Karthikeyan Cell Biology
Gursimran   Kaur Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies and Political Science
Bridget Ashe Kelly Applied Mathematics and Computer Science
Julia Jane Kelly Spanish
Niaz   Khorrami Design
Anika   Khubchandani Political Science - Public Service
Sienna Mackenzie Kirk Design
Sarah Hisako Kobayashi Cognitive Science
Vikki Alex Krysov Biological Sciences
Sean Shailendra Kumar Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Michael Tomio Kuo American Studies and History
Sharie Sum Yi Kwok Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Victoria Wong La Psychology
Katie    Laursen Economics
Bryant Craig Law Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Kayleen Clara Lederman Microbiology
Conan Hiromitsu Lee Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Daphne   Lee Biological Sciences
Kiana Celine Lee Chemistry
Lydia Yee Yau Lee Design
Julia Wendy Rose Leong Psychology
Steve   Li Applied Mathematics
Haoze   Li Economics and Statistics
Hongrui   Li Mathematics
Jingyanshan   Li Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Xinyue   Li Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Wela   Li Statistics
Boya   Lin Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Christina Yen-Pann Lin Design
Ryan Thomas Lin Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Shaogang   Ling Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Kaiqi   Liu Biological Sciences
Caitlyn Megan Liu Communication and English
Xinyuan   Liu Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Zoe   Loh Cognitive Science
Emma Nina Lonstrup Global Disease Biology
Cecilia   Lopez Spanish
Benito Miguel Lopez Romero Spanish
Daniel Jesus Lozada Political Science and Psychology
Zachary Skyler Luis Economics and Mathematics
Stephanie Dung Ly Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Yunfei   Lyu Applied Physics
Tianzhuo   Lyu Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior and Psychology
William George Macomber English
Sean P Mcginty Genetics & Genomics
Jingyi   Miao Communication and Psychology
Shambhavi   Mishra Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Abdulsamad Sajjad Mohammed Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Stephanie   Monarrez Chicana/O Studies and Spanish
Christopher Joe Mouawad History and Political Science - Public Service
Ashwin   Muralidharan Computer Science
Naomi Arianna Murray Evolution, Ecology & Biodiversity
Christopher Michael Musser-Kirby Psychology
Catherine Sue Wisam Nader Biological Sciences
Ananya   Narasimhan Genetics & Genomics
Leanna Beth Newman Design and Psychology
Taylor M Ngo Genetics & Genomics
Eric Nhu Nguyen Applied Physics
Austin Trung-Hieu Nguyen Biological Sciences
Quynh Phuong Nguyen-Sanh Biological Sciences
Duoduo   Nie Psychology
Stephanie Kate Nielsen Theatre & Dance
Juncheng   Pan Computer Science and Statistics
Aaron Deon Pan Linguistics
Joyce S. Park Political Science
Jiayi   Peng Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Mazarine-Claire Yvard Penzin Political Science and Psychology
Crystal Isabell Perez Cabello Design
Emely Dafne Perez Pinera Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Annika Faith Peterson Spanish
Christopher  Jonathan Pettit  Political Science
Megan Huynh Pham Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Thu Vu Minh Pham Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Vincent Xuan Pham Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Matthew Ronald Pimley Communication and English
Steffi Elaine Prajogo Psychology
Cesia Elizabeth Rangel Espinosa Political Science and Spanish
Matthew Allan Rasmussen Linguistics
Tyler C Rho Cognitive Science
Taylor Lauren Richieri Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Robert Scott Ridgley History and Political Science
Daniel Robert Ritchie Computer Science
Alyssa Jordan Romine Biological Sciences
Samantha Jillian Ross Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Paul William Rust Cinema & Digital Media and Psychology
Janelle Marie Chiuten Salanga Science & Technology Studies
Natilie   Santillan Chicana/O Studies and Political Science
Daniel Michael Scates Economics, International Relations and Russian
Grace Marie Schoenhoff Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior and Spanish
Farah Marie Sevareid Genetics & Genomics
Falak Dharmesh Shah Statistics
Kritika   Sharma Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Rana   Sherkat Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Parvin Yi Sheung Communication
William   Shih Economics and Statistics
Alisha   Singh Political Science - Public Service and Science & Technology Studies
Karishma Tigadi Sira Biological Sciences
Marina Elizabeth Sloan Psychology
Sean Brendan Smith Classical Civilization
Kasra   Soltani Nia Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Felicia   Song Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Taylor Anne Sparks Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Rebecca Chava Spin Design
Riley Thomas Stray Biological Sciences and Linguistics
Chiharu   Takashi International Relations
Tammie Sum Yee Tam Microbiology
Jie   Tang Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Kimia   Tavassoli Biological Sciences
Lillian Vy Thai Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Minh Tuan Tham Cinema & Digital Media and Design
Ty Christopher Thompson Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Sarah Christine Thornton Anthropology and Cinema & Digital Media
Michelle Thu Tran Psychology and Statistics
Lauren Elyse Vaughan Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Caprial Jacqueline Vidal East Asian Studies and Psychology
Darienne Alano Viloria Psychology
David   Vong Biological Sciences
Hannan Tariq Waliullah Computer Science and Design
Andy   Wang Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Ciel   Wang Statistics
Xinyuan   Wang Economics, Mathematical Analytics & Operations Research and Statistics
Yifan   Wang Economics and Statistics
Yudong   Wang Economics and Statistics
Devika Vikram Watave Economics and History
Drew Cimone Watson English
Lauren Mary Watson Evolution, Ecology & Biodiversity
Yuehe   Wen Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Miranda Cecily Wong Design
Daniel Khoo Woo Statistics
Caitlyn Skye Woodall English
Angela Feng Wu Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Angela Feng Wu Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Liming   Xiao Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Zesheng   Xing Computer Science
Linyi   Yan Biological Sciences
Hanzhou   Yang Economics
Jingyi   Yang Economics and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Kevin Michael Yashar Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior and Spanish
Xin   Ye Economics and Statistics
Timothy   Yeh Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Jillian Katy Yong International Relations and Theatre & Dance
Melanie Weng Mun Yoon Linguistics and Psychology
Joanne W Yu Communication and Economics
Yanling   Zeng Cognitive Science
Zehua   Zeng Computer Science and Statistics
Ziyuan   Zeng Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Wanyue   Zhai Cognitive Science and Computer Science
Yutian   Zhang Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Mian   Zhao Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Jessie   Zhao Design and Japanese
Chunyan   Zheng Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
Christine   Zhou Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Statistics
Qiyuan   Zhou Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Japanese
Jingyi   Zhu Computer Science
Simeon Violinov Zlatanov Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior