PBK Resident members at UC Davis, now deceased

Name Year Department, position
Ursula K. Abbott 1927-2012 Professor of Animal Science
Samuel G. Armistead 1927-2013  Professor of Spanish
Kandiah Arulanandan 1925-2004 Professor of Civil Engineering
Felix Battistella 1960-2008 Professor of Surgery. Chief of Trauma and Emergency Surgery.
Albert T. Bottini 1932-2001 Professor of Chemistry
William M. Bowsky 1930-2013 Professor of Medieval History
Donald G. Castanien 1914-1996 Professor of Spanish
Richard Cramer 1919-2000 Professor of Art
Jack D. Forbes 1934-2011 Professor of Native American Studies
Jerry Foytik 1914-2001 Professor of Agricultural Economics
Shirley A. Goldman 1930-2010 Lecturer in Mathematics. Associate Dean, College of Letters & Science.
Richard Grimm 1926-1999 Professor of Classics
W. Eric Gustafson 1933-2013 Sr. Lecturer Emeritus, Economics
Roland W. Hoermann 1923-2000 Professor of German and Comparative Literature. Associate Dean, College of Letters and Science. 
Robert E. Hungate 1906-2004 Professor of Bacteriology
Clyde Jacobs 1925-2009 Professor of Political Science
John A. Jungerman 1922-2014 Professor of Physics. Founding Director of Crocker Nuclear Laboratory.
Jerry J. Kaneko 1924-2013 Professor of Clinical Pathology (Vet Med)
Joel E. Keizer 1942-1999 Professor of Biological Sciences (Chemical Physics and Mathematical Biology)
Robert A. Kepner 1916-2001 Professor of Agricultural Engineering and Chemistry
Dale Kester 1922-2003 Professor of Pomology
Alan G. Marr 1929-2008 Professor of Microbiology. Dean of Graduate Studies and Research (1969-89).
Leon Mayhew 1935-2000 Professor of Sociology. Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs (1985-82). Dean, College of Letters & Science (1985-89). 
William F. McCoy 1924-2007 Associate University Librarian (1964-85). 
Frank Xavier Ogasawara 1913-2002 Professor of Avian Sciences (Vet Med)
Morton Rothstein 1926-2013 Professor of History
G. William Skinner 1925-2008 Professor of Anthropology
C. Ralph Stocking 1913-2006 Professor of Plant BIology
Cathy Toft 1950-2011 Professor of Evolution and Ecology
Kiyoto Uriu 1917-2008 Professor of Pomology
Larry Vanderhoef 1941-2015 Chancellor Emeritus
Benjamin Wallacker 1927-2011 Professor of East Asian Languages and Culture
James Woodress 1916-2011 Professor of English
Celeste Turner Wright 1906-1999 Professor of English