• Phi Beta Kappa President Eric Rauchway addresses the new inductees.

  • Professor Jon Rossini greets a new inductee.

  • Marriah Watson shakes hands with Professor Jon Rossini.

  • Professor Rauchway presents Josh Wild with his ribbon.

Campus Events

Past events 

5/4/16: Induction Ceremony for new student members

With excitement we met the newest members of our chapter at this past spring's ceremony. Details were posted on the facebook event page. Check out our chapter's home page on facebook to find out more about the Phi Beta Kappa.

2/25–2/26/16: PBK Visiting Scholar Richard Sylla

Economics Professor and Visiting Scholar Richard Sylla presented a public lecture, "Whatever Happened to Rapid Economic Growth?" on February 25, 7:00 pm, in the UC Davis Conference Center. He is professor of economics at NYU and Henry Kaufman Professor of the History of Financial Institutions and Markets. His research focuses on the financial history of the U.S. in comparative contexts. Click the link to read Prof. Sylla's Biographical Sketch. During his two-day visit to campus, Prof. Sylla met informally with students and faculty members as well. See our facebook page for some of the event photos.

12/2/15: Phi Beta Kappa's 239th Anniversary

Our afternoon coffee on December 2 brought together Resident Members of ɸBK on campus. About 18 or 20 people joined us in Sproul 912, including students elected in 2015, faculty and staff. One idea generated was to create a facebook page. You will find us on facebook at UC Davis Phi Beta Kappa. We posted photos from our 2015 induction ceremony there and will share information about upcoming events. 


Kappa of California Welcomes New Inductees

Phi Beta Kappa's induction ceremony will take place on Wednesday, May 10, 2017.  We are pleased to welcome our outstanding UC Davis students. 

PBK at UC Davis

Kappa of CA Board

  • Eric Rauchway, President
  • Naomi Janowitz, Treasurer
  • Karen Olson, Secretary
  • Sharon Knox, Communications
  • Claire Goldstein, Chair, Committee for Graduate Fellowships 
  • Katherine Mawdsley, Chair, Eligibility Committee
  • Jon Rossini, Historian and Membership Committee
  • Margaret Ferguson, Past President
  • Richard Schwab, Past Treasurer
  • Barbara Horwitz, Eligibility Committee
  • Neil Schore, Eligibility Committee


PBK Northern California News

The Northern California PBK Association is very active, offering monthly events, frequent outings, lectures, excursions and an annual three-day retreat for members and their families. They also sponsor teaching excellence awards and several scholarships.    

For 2017 PBKNCA offers scholarships in the amount of $7,500 each to PBK graduate students attending Northern California universities with Phi Beta Kappa chapters. See our Graduate Scholarship page for details.

Visit the PBKNCA website to see upcoming activities.  

PBK National

August 24, 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Phi Beta Kappa Society is pleased to announce that Nicholas Dias, a recent graduate of the University of California, Davis, is the recipient of a 2015 Phi Beta Kappa Writing Internship. The internship period will begin this month and continue through December 2015.

Nicholas graduated last year from the University of California, Davis and majored in Psychology and Communication. He’s passionate about using science to examine how each medium might best inform citizens of a particular democracy — and thus what that democracy’s ideal media system would look like. He will be moving to Argentina this month to explore, grow, and freelance. Read more about Phi Beta Kappa’s writing internships here.